Impress your team members in the right way

In this blog, I will provide the top 5 qualities you need to showcase to impress your team members in the right way.

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4 min readMar 6, 2024
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Often young managers try to impress their team members incorrectly and end up creating awkward situations.

Young managers ending up in such a situation will create a wrong perception about you and will not help your growth.

The awkward situation will make your team members never trust you and that in turn impacts the quality of the work that the team will produce.

In this blog, I will talk about the 5 qualities that you must showcase regularly to impress your team members in the right way.

The Incorrect way

Often, young managers try to impress their team members to make sure they create a connection with the team.

But they choose the wrong methods to do this as they don’t realize the impact of that.

Below are a few samples of the wrong ways to impress your team members.

Creating false expectations
Saying things about the organization that are not under your control or agreeing on things that are not under your control. For example, setting false expectations on promotions, salary hikes, on-site opportunities, etc.

Making up situations that aren’t true
Personal or official, creating false situations where you were the hero. Or creating situations that are not true to convince your team members to do something.

Unnecessarily sharing personal things
Sharing personal information with the team members when there is no need will make your team members think that you are expecting them to share information about their personal lives as well.

Complicating things because you have to say something
Unnecessarily saying something hypothetically just to prove someone is wrong or you have to participate in the meeting and need to say something. This may lead to complicating things, because of which your team members will not like to do the unnecessary extra work.

The Right way

So what are the right ways to impress your team members? Following are some of them.

Maintain integrity
If you say something that you will do by this time, do it without fail. This will help in establishing trust with your team members as you are completing things that were committed.

To maintain your integrity, always choose wisely what you will commit and what you will defer. In this way, you have enough time to showcase your integrity.

Make timely decisions
One of the main responsibilities of a manager is to make decisions. If you keep delaying in making decisions, it will not look good on you. If the decisions are not made, then you will start becoming a bottleneck for the team.

So make timely decisions as you are expected to do so. If you are not able to decide for whatever reason, then either get help from peer managers or involve your supervisor to help you in making the decision.

Help solve problems
When the team is stuck, your responsibility is to unblock them and help them to proceed. Helping the team members to solve the problems at hand, will increase their confidence in you.

So, instead of creating ambiguity by asking unnecessary questions or statements, try to understand the situation and help make a decision. And again if you are not able to do so, get help from peer managers or supervisors.

Be collaborative
Being collaborative with your team members will help you build a strong bond with your team members. As a manager, you must listen to their approach and allow them to explore newer ways of solving problems.

Don’t be always in a mindset that everything should happen in the way you have defined or you want it to be. Being flexible in your approach to handling things in the team, will make you a better collaborator with your team members.

Be supportive
When the situation is tough for the team members, or there are failures due to various external factors, show your support and empathy to the team members.

Don’t go on giving negative feedback all around without any acknowledgment of the situation. If you don’t show support during tough times or when they need you the most, you will not be able to impress your team members.

Final thoughts

As a manager do not try to impress your team members by making false statements or creating false situations.

Rather impress your team members with your actions that will help them to perform their job better and grow in their careers.

To do this, show integrity in your actions, make timely decisions, help solve problems when team members are stuck, be collaborative, and be supportive.

Happy management!

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