Top 5 mistakes to avoid as a Manager

Srihari Udugani
2 min readMar 12, 2023

As a manager if you are looking for ways to move up the ladder, then avoid the 5 mistakes mentioned in the blog.

#1 Not communicating with your team regularly

Not communicating with your team members regularly is one of the most common mistakes most managers make.

If you don’t talk to your team members regularly then your team members could make a mistake and you will get to know about it very late.

This results in rework, time, and money which will not look good on your performance as a manger.

#2 Not optimising existing process regularly

Many managers think if everything is working fine, then why change it?

If you don’t regularly review the current process and optimize it then the team might be wasting time on some tasks that would not be needed anymore.

By optimising processes regularly you might help the organization save cost and time, which will look good on you as a manager.

#3 Not building a culture of automation

Many managers hesitate to take up automation as they fear that they have to let go of some of their team members.

This is completely wrong and a myth. if you automate certain processes or steps, then your team can benefit by using the saved time on other things that could help.

So as a manager don’t be under this false assumption and motivate your team members towards automation.

#4 Not exploring new tools for improving turn around time

Many managers don’t want to come out of their comfort zone and allow their team to explore new tools that could help improve turnaround times.

Many managers don’t take a risk of exploring and adopting new tools as technology advances. This will keep you and your team at an old age.

Adopting new tools will help you save time and money and align with the advancement in the organisation and industry.

#5 Not tracking cost

Many managers think, tracking costs is not a responsibility as higher management will do it. But it is not true.

Even though you don’t have visibility of the entire organization or business unit, you must track the cost that your team is spending in terms of people, time, and tool licenses.

This will help you to view any task from not only a process perspective but also a cost perspective. This in turn will help tune your approach for better goals.

So in summary, if you want to climb that ladder to higher roles in management, continuous optimisation of various aspects of people, process,es and tools is necessary.



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